We are happy to announce that our Journal of Public Procurement, Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, and International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior were acquired by Emerald Group Publishing. Under this prestigious publisher, our journals will be much more recognized, and thus, their international impact will be instantly improved.

For manuscript submissions, please submit your manuscripts using the instructions on the new journal websites, effective 31 st January 2018:

For journal subscription, please contact:







Recognizing that academicians and practitioners are dedicated to the discovery of new information/knowledge and best practices in their professional specialties, PrAcademics Press is publishing and distributing this discovery.  PrAcademics Press (PrAcademics, a combination of two terms, Practices and Academics) is specialized in publications that focus on bridging practices and theories in all areas of specialties and knowledge.  

About PrAcademics Press

Publication Interest.  A privately held, international publishing firm, PrAcademics Press is interested in publishing journals, reference books, and textbooks in those areas that major commercial publishers do not see any profit-making potentials. 

Publication Decisions.  Our publication decisions are based more on the merit of knowledge distribution than profit concern.


PrAcademics Press e-publications, the easily accessed e-journal service for PrAcademics Press's online periodicals, permit subscribers to search, view, or download PDF files for highly cited journals. 

Library subscribers can link to PrAcademics Press's e-journals. Tables of contents and abstracts in Adobe format for PrAcademics Press journals, online and in print, may be viewed or downloaded by registered end users at no charge from this website. Simply search for the journal by title, editor, subject or keyword through our Search feature. 

Are you interested in publishing your works?  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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