jpbafmcovernewPublished four times a year, Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management (JPBAFM) is a refereed journal which aims at advancement and dissemination of research in the field of public budgeting and financial management. The journal concentrates on the development of theories and concepts so that the field's boundaries can be established. The cognate areas constituting the focus of this publication are disciplines which concern how a budget is prepared, decided and implemented.

Practitioners and scholars are encouraged to submit manuscripts to the journal. Papers--whether empirical, field study, or conceptual--should help to serve the need for more active communication and greater exchange of thought, research and practical experiences among scholars and practitioners throughout the world. Appropriate topics for papers include various aspects of public budgeting and financial management such as (a) governmental accounting and financial reporting; (b) politics of budgeting, budgetary process and techniques; c) public financial management including cash management, risk management, debt management; (d) tax and expenditure policies, and (e) other issues related to governmental accounting, budgeting, financial management and fiscal policies.

Priority will be given to papers having carefully developed methods, insightful conceptual development, and practical and analytical solutions to government financial management problems. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

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